BROKOF is an alternative folk rock band based in Berlin, Germany. The 4-piece band released debut Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey, including hit Smile, in 2010. Sophomore album Side By Side (2012) opened BROKOF’s work to a wider audience as it was highly praised by critics and shortly got them nick-named Spree-Beatles. „Put simply: in Brokof, one of Germany’s most interesting folk-rock bands awaits discovery.“ wrote german STERN and Joe Whirlypop of GLITTERHOUSE reviewed it as: „at once classic, international, indebted to the right role models (from the Beatles to No Depression) and above all rich in wonderful choral singing and multi-voice harmonies". WESTZEIT wrote: “BROKOF manage to put their own stamp on indie-folk-pop with a pleasant temperament and gorgeous melodies which never fail to surprise in their contours and never quite end up where the clichés would have them go." and SLEAZE MAG said: „The four Berliners have managed to wrap songs of uncertainty and fragility in an album free from cliche. The band is likeable just for coming from Berlin, the heart of electronic music, and not bothering with a single synth break. Thumbs up for Berlin. It’s about time.“
With Eviction Notice (2015) BROKOF offered a first glimpse of third album Cool Fame (2016) and toured Europe with the EP as a giveaway to their fans. The Genesis of Cool Fame is told by the band like this: „In the summer of 2013 we started playing new songs, sitting at the table in the kitchen of our studio, with just a couple of guitars and recorded demos with our phones. These sessions soon developed their very own magic and we knew that we were looking for something we could’nt name. In fact we did not even think of making a new record. With Puya (Puya Shoary, drummer since 2012) a new element had entered our band and we had to take our time to figure that one out. So we played and played and slowly found an almost mystical feeling of freedom and impartiality that we never ever wanted to loose again. Whatever the outside world would make of that, became absolutely irrelevant to us, we simply enjoyed being on our way.“
Cool Fame hit Top 5 of german campus charts and the ROLLING STONE saw it related to the work of CSNY and The Who and called it „plain and beautiful“. Andreas Körner mused at DNN: „you might guess that the work on the records was stopped whenever the ease got lost on the way, cause that’s what they by all means are: ten absolutely relaxed songs“.
A year later the band released Brother Equal (2017), a collaboration with american singer/songwriter Random Willson.

A Ride - the name stands for itself: The first single of the upcoming BROKOF album takes us on a trip into the dark of night. The song is starring the last guests of a party, a crocodile and a girl who feels like Lucy in the sky. There's a hysterical glam rock choir, fearless reminiscences of the 90s, all served with gusto and the typical Brokof-esque rowdiness. On the digital b-side we find the acoustic chamber piece "The Look Upon Her Face".

In a first statement about the new album Fore! the band announced:

“Folks, we made a new record! In Berlin, in our studio, with great help from no-one, the album is called Fore! and is, naturally, our best. The first single is called „A Ride”! We think it’s pretty-hot. The second single off the album will be „Part of The New Age”. We recorded this song somewhere in Russia, back in the original Eighties and think it’s just as brilliant as the first one. Heck, it feels like we just finished our first album! We all know of course that music doesn’t have the same impact on society it had back in the 60s or 90s. For many a people an unchanging “boom boom” in the background suffices.
But we also know about other people, people who simply need a bit more than that. The passionate, the non-established kind, the kind that respects one another, with an urging dedication to life.Let’s set a counterpoint, against this ever-present discord, a sense of togetherness, like a spanner in the works of these fuzzy times.”


FORE! (LP, 2018)
A RIDE (Single, 2018)
COOL FAME (LP, 2016)
COOPERATE (Single, 2012)
A/B (EP, 2010)
SMILE (Single EP, 2010)