From the album Fore!


I was sitting in a parking lot
It felt like the perfect spot
To look for my heart
And gather my thoughts

She said she gave it all up for me
All her friends that were like family
She gave them all up
And what has she got?

I watched people passing in the street
An endless shuffle of a thousand feet
Where do they all go
What do they all seek?

Oh, I know there're things
That she's never shown to me
I guess I must have been too naive
To ask what it was she meant
When she told me that she wanted to be

A part
Of the new age
Of the new day coming
Make a start
Find a new way
Find a new life's longing
For us

I asked somebody for a cigarette
And saw myself in the gaze I met
What did I expect?
I was a wreck

She says she sees someone from the past
And that everything has gone so fast
She never knew
Why I never asked

I tried listening to the radio
But all they ever play is just so so
I thought I smelled snow

There is a couple stowing a wet dog
Into the back of a car that looks like a chopping block
The sky is as grey as any other day
And I,
I wonder if she’s found a way

To be a part
Of the new age
Of the new day coming
Made a start
Found a new way
Found a new life's longing
For us

Or maybe not
Maybe not..
Well maybe not..